European Voluntary Service in Spain -Yaunus called in the town as ‘El turco’ tell us his experience.

Let me tell you a story


When I heard this Word suddenly yellow comes to my mind. Maybe it is because of the sun or paella I am not sure. Maybe because of amazing people who lives there. Let me tell you a story.

We knocked a door

It was in July. Weather was really hot. I was going to Spain for second time. According to my first time I already knew it will be amazing but still when you start going to another country you are being nervous. I was exactly like that. I arrive there and there was a really nice woman at the bus station who was waiting for me. From the first moment she was so kind with me. Her name is Aurora. If you still don’t know her. She brought me to Padul and we knocked a door. It was my house for 3 months.

One guy open the door and he was trying to speak Spanish with me. I was just looking. His name is Rodo. But suddenly he started to speak English with me and it was really good for my stay there. In that house there were a lot of amazing people like Ana, Kathia, Lucas, Ivo, Jorge and Claudia. It was such a pleasure for me to live there for 3 months. They were like my own family. We cook together , listened music together and many more things together.

Somewhere new

But I was waiting for Aurora to take me to meet with others. There was one special guy, Vicente. He was the boss and I was expecting someone really serious and with a lot of rules. But he was like a brother for me. We spent a lot of time together, shared a lot of memories. If you go somewhere new and if you need a friend, he or she should be like a Vicente. Also at the first moment I saw Jorge in the town hall. I saw some information about him and it was writing «photographer» and I said «Ah I know you, you are photographer» and everyone star laughing. Because he was an architech. Also he was working with Somos Europa. So he was the one of my boss.

For sure «yes»

It start like this and I remember every moment in that little town. I remember ‘’kiki challenge’’ with Manolo (He is the BEST). I remember paella , tapas , sangria, Flamenco and many more. If you ask me do I want ot go again ? For sure «yes». I believe I will go Padul again and meet those amazing persons one more time. It is small town but you can find everything there like friendship, kindness, fresh air, mountains, music, tapas and more. You can take a walk at the gardens and chill. Someone will come and join you for sure.

At the end of my article I want to say to them, to those amazing people, to Padul ‘’MUCHAS GRACİAS’’. LOS AMO A TODOS !!