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Marketing Asisstant and Filmmaker Assistant at Somos Europa

Marketing and Video Maker position at Somos Europa

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

About the traineeship

Cultural Assotiation «Somos Europa» specialized in European projects is looking for 3 Erasmus interns:

2 Digital Marketing Assistants (knowledge in Photoshop is required)

1 Filmaker Assistant

  • 2 Digital Marketing Assistants (Knowledge on photoshop is required)
  • 1 Filmmaker Assistant



The length of the internship will be from 2 to 4 months depending on the availability of the intern during the Summer Period.


  • 2 Digital Marketing Assistants
  • 1 Filmaker Assistant



Place of traineeship


Please carefully read the conditions of participation in the traineeship.


The work of Somos Europa is to bring European students and their universities closer, with Spanish companies or public institutions. Any breach of the aforementioned conditions will fall either on the student, or on the host entity.
In case of any dysfunctionality between the host entity and the student, Somos Europa will try as much as possible to mediate between both parties, however it will do so outside its competences and without forgetting that it is a responsibility of the participants, as well as of the companies to solve any problem and that responsibility is part of the educational process and will enhance the growth and learning of both parties. The practitioner undertakes to have a proactive and collaborative attitude of learning and putting into practice the knowledge acquired during his university period. As well as perform tasks to acquire new skills and knowledge. It is important and essential that the practitioner assume that despite his degree the practical experience is very different from the academic one and he must follow and follow the instructions of his tutor.

By accepting these conditions, you accept the use of your image through the photographs or other audiovisual content taken during your membership in Somos Europa / Europrácticos for dissemination purposes in any format that Somos Europa deems appropriate.


Before applying you should know that from Somos Europa team we take your request very seriously and take a lot of time to read it carefully and carry out a rigorous selection process taking into account different aspects, such as a good cohesion between the profile of all participants or training to develop the project.
All information about the practices and the admission process is contained in this web page. Learning to manage information and manage an admission process is also a very important part of learning. We invite you to write us on the contact form if you really have any regarding information that you could not find on the web. We will be happy to assist you, but please read all the information on the website beforehand.
If the interested part, once the selection process has been selected and decides not to
participate, they will be penalized without being able to participate in any program of Somos Europa for a period of one year from the day the result of the process is made public of selection. You must take your candidacy seriously.
The participant must have all their documentation in order: DNI, Passport and European Health Card, as well as the visa (if necessary) before the project begins.

Application process

1-You should be granted by the Erasmus+ Traineeship grant

2- You should fill our formulary detailling all your profile and your CV as much as possible.

3- We will send your profile to the company  (the company could require to arrange a skype meeting with you).

4- We will contact the candidates selected.

5- In case you accept the internships you should complete your membership to Somos Europa.

6-The company will send you the acceptance letter and the learning agreetment

Economic grant
It is the participants who has to buy the flights (after consulting with the company and its university), as well as organizing the trip. Participants should read all documents submitted to them and act accordingly with respect to hem. The Erasmus program does not refund tickets with priority boarding. Costs derived from special conditions that are not previously justified (keeping bills, boarding passes etc…)  and approved will not be reimbursed.
The quantity of the grant will be defined by your university according with the rules of your National Agency
Somos Europa fee

You must pay the membership fee of Somos Europa (€ 50 / month) of the total of the months (the total amount must be paid once you will be shortlisted by the company), with it we finance our social work as well as all the expenses derived from the management of this project, we pay the current expenses of the association (Telephony , posters, printing, promotion etc …), we equip ourselves with equipment (video camera, projector, computer equipment), as well as we try that our technicians, when they do a professional job, have quality working conditions. During that period (from the day the exchange begins) you can
participate in any other project of Somos Europa and in all the activities we organize without having to pay the fee again (but you must apply and pass the selection process).
Once the membership fee has been paid, its return cannot be claimed. Payment of that fee will be made once the candidate has been shortlisted.


The working language during the traineeship it is defined in the linguistic requirements that was mentioned in the previous section.

Although it is not necessary in all our opportunities to have a certain level of Spanish it is highly recommended to have a basic knowledge to take full advantage of the experience.

Somos Europa’s assistance

Somos Europa will assist you during the process of finding your company to carry out your traineeship:

  • Search for a company or organization to carry out the traineeship
  • Assistant by telephone and whatsapp in case of problems related with your internship.
  • Mediation among the company and the trainee in case of any problem
  • Group with other Somos Europa Trainees
  • You will be able to be part in our activities in Spain (This could be really useful if you do your internship in Granada)

The fee is non-refundable if you do not attend your traineeship.

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